BB artist kits being discontinued?

It looks like most of the BB artist kits are being discontinued. I wonder if they’re only going to stock Realborns and silicones.

That’s what it sounds like to me, Nevin said they’d be focusing more on silicone kits from now on. Meh.

We will keep most of the Realborns. And a lot of the artists kits (even though many artist kits are getting the boot). Animal, fairy, and clowns are also getting the boot.

We will probably bring our vinyl kit catalog down to about 200 (down from 297). Then we will add silicone kits, bringing the number of kits back up.

There’s only so much room in the warehouse. It is time to rearrange the deck.



Hmm. Im not interested in doing silicone right now so this will limit my shopping at BB. although i suppose if new vinyl realborns are being made its okay.


It looks like many of the bodies that I used for Realborns and artists kits are getting the boot too. Are these bodies that will not be needed because the kits that used them are not going to be produced anymore?


I love that you are thinning down the older kits that are less popular. I think a lot of beginners go for the older artist made kits because they are less expensive and a great way to get started without the big commitment. Most of us who have been around a while are kinda over them, I hate to say it but I won’t miss the ones that are closing out.

Silicone is such a big commitment. I think it is the way of the future for reborn dolls but damn expensive and not super easy to do.

Realborns…no one else has them and honestly some of them are amazing, I love painting them. I just wish there was more ethnic variety. Many of them are interchangeable. I wish there were more preemies (I know that isn’t an easy thing and you don’t want to wish someone to have a tiny or early baby). Aria, Lief, Layla asleep, Johanna asleep, Patience, I love unusual faces. The awake versions of all the sleeping babies need better artists on them who can render, It is rare I find one I like, the eyes feel too forced. I think who ever was inc charge of Thomas awakes eyes… those are kinda awesome. Open hands are a plus. Open mouths, no bueno, it just doesn’t always translate well.

I wish I was painting when my last little guy was born, five pounds of sweetness I would have loved to preserve with 3D imagery.

If I was in charge of bodies, not more frog leg bodies or teddy bear belly bodies. I love the ruching on bodies and the slimmer ones, it makes dressing babies easier, I don’t like a fat body and little head when I am done.

My rings and plugs are getting so expensive, I know they are under a buck each but they seem awfully expensive for what they are. I am just about to switch to sticky back felt for limbs, and modge podge for rings. Its a rookie move and not super professional looking but it’s adding an extra ten bucks to my baby at 80-90 cents a piece.

At the end of the day I am super happy with most everything I buy here.


I wondered about that too as I use the #1458 body a lot, and wondered what it’s replacement would be?

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I just noticed that too. I use those bodies quite a bit. I dont understand why they would get rid of them if they are going to continue carrying realborns.

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That is what I thought. At first I thought maybe they are only keeping the USA made versions, but then I saw those on clearance too.

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#8827 is the same thing but with cable ties instead of string. I think the string tie bodies aren’t particularly popular.

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I order the 1458 because it’s $6 cheaper. Even with swapping out the string for cable ties, I’m still saving money.


I love the Gabriel kit. He has been one of my most popular selling reborn vinyl babies. I wish he could stay. :cry:


I do the same. I very rarely ever purchase the bodies with the cable ties already in them.


I always buy the stringed ones and add my own cable ties.


I don’t like the string tie ones because I can’t push the heads of the cable ties into the channel.

I don’t like silicone at all. And there are so many people who prefer reborns too. I hope they don’t start selling all silicones. I am already on my way out of the hobby. This will just push me further. I just have no interest at all in silicones or making them. :frowning:


I was surprised to see some of the new sculpted kits going (grumpa and Yumma bubba, and Michelle)

Same here, no interest in making silicones. It’s already expensive enough making vinyl dolls and I make mine for fun, not profit. :sweat_smile:


I usually get the bodies with the zip ties in already as sometimes I have hard to getting the zip ties in

I think they may have been produced from old porcelain sculpts?