BB--a place for new members

BB–What about a new thread for new members to introduce themselves? I have encountered it on another forum and it’s a nice way to get to know a little bit about each other.

Thanks. Yes, that is Kitten. I have to root the head on her twin, Cuddles. I am waiting to finally get them for sale. But I’ve been avoiding the big head.

Well, I suppose I am a new member because I havent been on the BB forum in a few years now. I am orginally from Massachusetts but a year ago I moved to GA and I had to stop reborning, I just couldnt afford it.
My name is Sara, Lately I started online school and I decided to use some of my loan money to get back into making reborns…I figure if I sell them then that will pay for me to continue to make them without it breaking the bank.
As it stands now I am debating several things…I really love BB’s kits and I know I can get a few for the price of a single one on a more expensive site…But there is one in particular I have fallen in love with…the Kylin kit…I think thats how his name is spelled… So, here’s a question for you ladies…would you buy several of BB’s kits to get back into reborning first…or…would you jump right in and spend a pretty big chunk on the Kylin kit?

Ugh…I just cant decide!

I would go for the BB kits. The higher the kit, the higher the selling price and right now that might turn off buyers, depending on what venue you are using. I’m a firm believer in BB kits and I can usually get between $125 and $150, or a little higher. I think it all depends on how well you feel the selling is right now.

right…good point. I need to take this slow rather than dump a ton of $$ into it…Maybe once I sell a few of the BB kits, which are great anyway so its not like the more expensive ones are somehow better. I can justify splurging on the more expensive baby.