Batting in your Dolls?

Has anyone used batting in their dolls instead of (or in addition to) polyfill? I lined the body with some and filled in the cavity with the polyfill and pellets. It gave the tummy and back a nice smooth and even feel.

I’ve done this a few times and they do come out very nice. The batting makes it nice also when you want to sculpt the body. For example if you want to add a little belly button.

I never thought about that but it sounds like a great idea.

I may sound a little ridiculous but what is batting?

Batting is a type of padding - it usually comes in rolls about 1/2 to 3/4" thickness and is generally used as the filling in making quilts.

I haven’t tried batting but I have used to cotton fiberfill a few times. It is denser than regular or even premium polyster fiberfill. I really liked that the lump of glass beads wasn’t as noticeable. But it wouldn’t work if you want the cuddly feel.