Bald babies question


for those that have left babies bald, do you still do eyebrows? eyelashes?

I am working on Joseph sleeping, and hes so cute as a bald, i think. Id like him with just barely there peach fuzz, but not sure how to get that effect


Here’s my bald inspiration, my grandson Achilles. No hair on his head, but hairy brows and thick lashes. :wink:
And I too sizh I could master the peach fuzz look. My babies are all or nothing. :grimacing:


hes adorable!

All 4 of my babies were baldies :slight_smile:


Yes to eyelashes and brows


I heavily shaded my partner’s Kai’s head and I’m loving the look. It looks like dark peach fuzz. I’ll post a picture when I get off work - I just blended in a layer of thin Genesis Mars Black just over the scalp with each layer I painted.


And I did lightly draw eyebrows, but she preferred no lashes for now - I think she’s unsure of my rooting abilities :wink:


Can’t wait to see!


I can’t wait to see this Kai :heart_eyes:


I got a few baldies, I definitely do lashes and eyebrows. They look off without eyelashes to me.


Need a better photo in the daylight, the bedroom light is too harsh and yellow, but I think you can see what I mean here!! I’ll have to do a photoshoot of him anyway to post on my nursery page.


Here is how I do mine


Beautiful! Looks so real!