Bald anna marie stoete pictures

I am thinking of using a pretty headband on this baby. I don’t have
one bald baby!! I am really happy with the way she turned out. please
tell me what YOU think. just finished her last coat this morning. … Marie2.jpg … Marie1.jpg

more pictures dressed below.

oh how cute…looks just like a little girl who live next door to me…she had no hair until after the age if 2 then it came in very blond and supper curly…she was super cute too.

Very cute Rose -but I think she needs some hair-mabe cause she looks like an older baby -any way shes a sweety

I was going to say the same thing as Cher she does look too old to be bald.

I wish the magic hair fairy would come root my dolls at night. I just cant make it good enough to suit me.

she is under the light in the dining room so she does look yellow.
Kays Kids made the dress awhile ago. fits her to a t. the pictures
above are in outside light. … Marie3.jpg

Oh I love that last picture she is a beauty and I think she looks great with just the headband Great job!

I think she’s adorable and the dress and shoes are so cute!

thanks for your encouragement. I like her alot. hugs, rosemarie

Rose her coloring is beautiful! What kind of paints did you use on her?

If you like her bald then I say leave her bald. After all, she is for you, right? My oldest daughter had nothing but peach fuzz until she was 14 mos old so she looked bald. I think she looks fine bald and with the headband on.

Hi, i use artists oil paints with the thinner at michaels. they last forever
and don’t get shin;y. I just use cosmetic sponges and soft brushes
to do the creases. very quick drying and easy. thanks for asking.

She’s so pretty!

I think she is so pretty Rose, just the way she is. I also love her dress and shoes.