Baking Genisis paint - do I preheat oven?


Probably a dumb question but I cannot find the answer even though I googled, to bake do I pre heat the oven to 130c or pop the parts into a cold oven for the whole 8 minutes, this is my very 1 st bub and I have been using a heat gun for the 1 st couple of layers


Yes, I do. That way you can be pretty sure it has had enough time to cure.

You preheat the oven first.

Thank You

I can now go and pre heat oven and start baking, keep your fingers crossed I don’t muck up

Cheers Julie

Place a thermometer (I bought mine at Wal Mart) in the oven to get an accurate temp reading. My oven isn’t very accurate so this really helps me not to burn babies & to make sure they are cured.


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I’m still a newbie but I would preheat the oven. That way your oven is evenly heated before you put the doll parts into bake.

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MDaisy, welcome back. We haven’t seen you for a while.

Yes,I always preheat the oven and then you put the minutes.