Bad mohair


But really I should not have expected anything when I paid $4 an ounce RIGHT?

But here’s the deal, even if it was free, itt needs to represented for what it is.
I have someone who dyes my mohair BEAUTIFULLY I might add. She does lot of mohair dying.

So I had an ounce sent to her and she wrote me very upset because the hair literally melted and she was afraid i would get angry. SHe said is it just like synthetic hair.

I told her how much I paid and she agreed, I got exactly what I paid for, but also, she said when she first got it, she thought it was pretty decent.
like she said, if someone rooted a doll with his hair and sold it as mohair, they could potentially lose customers.

And how many people do you thin are buying it then reselling. I mean its snowballing here.

I went to read the feedback and this seller PIXIEDUSTBABIES has excellent feedback Including from me because I bought some, i have yet to use it, but it seemed like good deal so I left glowing feedback. I wonder how many, just like me left wonderful feedback that entices others to buy and then later found out the hair was really a sham.

has anyone else experienced this?

here is the listing


You get what you pay for?! :woman_shrugging:t2:


It doesn’t matter what the price was, mohair, as far as I know, don’t melt…
Have you contacted the seller ?
If it was not mohair but synthetic, it was false advertising and she must refund you.
But I am not a mohair expert, maybe it can melt :disappointed:
Or the dying process is faulty…


Can you go back and leave additional review to change how you found it when you actually tried to do something with it?


Why not contact the seller and ask her what happened. Maybe she gets the hair from someone else that tells her it’s real mohair.


All of you are so amazing with how fast and eloquently you respond to these questions and concerns.

Of course I should have added that I did contact her and ws waiting for her response.

I do not like to leave bad feedback. I used to leave it because my hair trigger would get so incensed.

But as I continue in this business, I am taking deep breaths and considering my options. Not because I have gotten any and can feel the pain, but because when I read other artist bad feedback to sellers or responses to any bad FB they get, that just feels ugly and trite and makes me uncomfortable. And as those of you who really know me (and were probably pretty surprised I called this vendor out like this) I just feel it is bad form to fight your battles so publicly.

As I said, I wasn’t always this way. It is just by experience.

Anyway here is her response:
I have gone ahead and asked her to NOT refund me but to send me another batch that I can recreate the situation personally and see what the results were.

My lady who dies the hair is a very honest and almost childlike person because she has had significant brain injury So I do not think she is lying. She knows me and knows I would not get upset with her or make her pay for it. But there my be something I am missing.

OH! BTW I think I deserve a congratulations for having a thread shut down replies not once but TWICE!!!



And today has been an eye opener as well.

IU have a customer who is insisting she did not get what she ordered.

The thing is I screwed up the listing and put the wrong photos. So I had to cancel her bid delete the listing and start over.
She wrote me how disappointed she was about cancelling her bid and not having the sprite.

. SO I told her (as you are all saying yeah, it figures, typical Dianne) if she wanted the correct item in the new listing I would sell it to her for the opening bid of $59 instead of waiting 7 days or offering it for the BIN of $150.

Of course she took me up on it. She actually got a designer box (worth $30) and a box opening.

She insisted it isn’t what she wanted. Hinting at a refund.

I asked her to send a photo. I was very concerned she got someone else’s sprite and I needed to find out whose she got.

She said nevermind, I’ll just keep it.

But I told her I still needed a photo. I keep emailing her and NOTHING.

So should we try to guess what happened? (sorry cant give you her name because of customer privacy)