Back To Square One With Reborn Painting

Hi Reborners

Geez I feel like it’s my first day at school after I have not painted 18 months (since daughter was born) plus 8 months. I’ve only painted and rooted two babies (Shyanne and Jake) in my life. I never thought I would forget all that I learned. I’m actually even re-learning prepping the kit before painting. So I will be coming here for tips.

I had assembled Ladybug and sitting Tibby to pose for the garments I make as a fashion designer. I think they are getting damaged without the paint.

Before her bath

After her bath


Welcome back!


Thank you :pray:t4:

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Sometimes I feel that way after about a couple weeks of not having time to paint :slightly_smiling_face: I feel like I’m relearning everything.:slightly_smiling_face: Have Fun​:grinning:

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Thank you.

I have a challenge now though. I can’t even paint because Ladybug’s head is too big for my South African-made convection oven. The extender ring is not even sold locally. :sob::sob::sob:

I’m happy to say I did my first layer today. I only managed to do the matte vanish as according to this tutorial. I bought the book after one lady here said she used it for her beautifully painted ethnic babies. I will remember her name as I haven’t been here forever