Baby Willow- reborn reference pictures


Here are some pics of my little munchkin Willow. Maybe you ladies could use some for reference pictures of a newborn :). She is 1 week old already if you ladies need any special pics (upclose of fingernails, hair swirl, ears etc let me know) she doesn’t have much mottling on her :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


so kind of you :heart_eyes: she’s a little heartbreaker


She’s so precious. I wish I could hold her.


She’s beautiful!!


You have a beautiful baby.


Congratulations, she’s beautiful.
I was just looking at her tummy because I’m doing my first belly plate so thank you for sharing her :slight_smile:


Ah I need a cuddle!


Gorgeous baby. I would like to see a picture of the front hairline. I’m rooting a doll n trying to figure out the hairline. Thanks for sharing pictures of your gorgeous baby.


I see the hairline, I clicked on the picture!


She is lovely . I wish I would have a newborn again :slight_smile:


Little Angel! Keep those pictures coming.


Thanks :slight_smile: She is a doll!


Thanks so much and she is a precious, and adorable baby!!!