Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!



Thanks! I actually finished and sold this baby about 2 years ago. I’ll have to see if I can find some finished pics.





She’s gorgeous


dark hair with headband


Baby wearing booties


Wearing olive green


Awake baby


Awake baby


@marrabo So cute! Is that the Donkey from Shrek that the Little Cowboy is riding?


Thanks @Anne that is Woody and Bullseye from toy story too bad you cant hear him he whinnies too .


Boy baby


I need to read what I type before I hit reply LOL


@marrabo Oh, I don’t know who is who, lol. But I’ll look it up right now. OK I see Bullseye is Woody’s Horse. What an awesome Character Baby!


Yeah I put Jesse first which is the little girl not the horse LOL because you see Woody is the sculpt Jesse which is confusing sometimes.


I haven’t seen the movie as my Grandsons are too big and my Granddaughter is too young, lol


There are several ones out now I think and all my grand babies have watched and loved it .


Blond boy in grey knit romper.


Blond baby