Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


Baby with pacifier


Sleeping baby with hands up.


On crocheted white blanket


Bonnie Brown twin…


@pia Besides wanting to compliment you on such a gorgeous baby - I have to ask. Do you know what brand/where you got your little gray tabby the baby is holding? I have been looking for one without white paws and haven’t been successful. If I knew the brand I could try eBay! My kitty is a Gray Tabby without white paws and I wanted to find a stuffed one for the ‘kids’ to cuddle. :slight_smile:


An other Twin


Bonnie Brown Kit


I think it was probably a Webkin by Ganz? My granddaughters gave me a bunch of them. Probably from about 2010? I have messaged the Mom of the little girl that I gifted her to to check for a tag… I looked at 18 pages of 48 per page pictures of grey stuffed cats on eBay and did not find her…
There was this one!


Hospital blanket…


Hospital blanket and hat


Hospital hat


Lol! You are awesome! Thank you for checking for me! You definitely went above and beyond!! :kissing_heart:


With soft toy…


Pajamas on blanket


I love your baby, and this photo is just precious!


Wow I love him!


Toddler; pajamas


toddler in striped pajamas


Red and white striped!


Thank you! I just got him yesterday. He was painted by Paris Alley. I was fortunate enough to find a lady willing to part with him.