Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


What kit is this? So adorable!


She’s Nellie by Cassie Brace! I think she’s mostly sold out now. She’s SO chunky she needs 0-3 month sized clothes even though she’s only like 20 inches


With a cat


With a pet


with a pet


Hi @katieperry, your little one is probably crawling now. I have a 4 month old now. I wish I could find the time to paint again.


Baby in a striped onesie lying next to a live baby girl.
(Apologies for the bad light my baby just woke up and I just felt like playing this game against.)


Hi! She just turned 7 months she just learned to sit unassisted. I paint in the morning after 3 out of 5 go to school and my husband goes into work at 5 pm so I have him help watch the baby in the morning hours :slight_smile:


Is she still teeny tiny? We need updated pictures. :heart_eyes:


Here is her picture from the other day when she turned 7 months :slight_smile: she is still a teeny little one still wearing her size 1 diapers but she is very long!


Oh my goodness. She’s all smile! Such a pretty little girl! :heart_eyes:


She is so pretty and what beautiful eyes and dark eyebrows.


Thank you!!! :heart:️:heart:️


She is beautiful, so is her Dolly and that Blanket!


She is gorgeous. I thought she’s a doll. :heart_eyes::heart:




Pink bow


Pink bow!


Grouchy butt