Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


They actual are kits that send back a little to help other countries. A portion of the profit from each kit sold goes toward Hope for the Nations


My bad ! I just read the description on kits, but it’s great to know they will give help !
I will certainly buy one of those cuties soon


I think it is a very neat thing. They have also included some of their Therapy doll kits into the LHOH section


I had no idea about these dolls, now I want to make one! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a Challenge @jlesser lol!


Some of the heads are the harder vinyl, but I just draw/paint hair then.

My Felix was a LHOH and I still have Geluk to paint (He now lives in Bermuda)


I love his cute face! That settles it i’m going to get one.


baby in a basket. Hahahaha - sorry couldn’t resist. This is my granddaughter - she will be turning 11 next month. I took this when she was 10 days old.




What kit is this?


Her caption says her Granddaughter.


I was asking about the kit that looks like a new born and she has her 2 middle fingers in her mouth but i can’t fine it now. I replied to the person that put it in but my reply went to the bottom of the page.


@californiateri - your granddaughter is adorable! Looks almost like a Reborn. Here is my “baby in a basket”


Oh, sorry. :slight_smile:


No problem this is the one I was asking about or is this a real baby?


It looks like a silicone baby. No idea which one, though.


Baby wearing blue in a basket :blush:under the blanket


"Bleu, bleu, l’amour est bleu…":musical_note::notes:


Kathie - she is a silicone baby sculpted by Angela Lewis. She is the Frankie silicone kit that she was selling. She was painted by Sherry Johnston.


Baby in blue