Baby UNO - Fun Game! Come Play!


Dress with flowers!


Girl in a dress with flowers


Bare feet girl pink on blue .


What a cute picture!


Barefoot baby in and on pink


Barefoot Baby sleeping on pink blanket & wearing pink


Pink Blanket and barefoot (Saskia)


Barefoot Saskia


So cute this pic looks like she is daring that thing to come closer lol .


Baby outdoors.


Baby outside



Wow she’s really cute! If I ever do a bigger baby I may have to try her💕


I see you’re using PhotoBucket. Have they canceled your third-party hosting yet? They canceled mine because I wouldn’t give them $400 a year.


I’ve had a paid account with them for years. I needed it for both my reborns and the digital scrapbooking I do.


Did they make you upgrade to the $400 account to keep having the third party hosting? I saw on their page that paid members have until December of 2018 before their third party hosting expires. I just had the free account and they removed all third party hosting except for the $400 accounts. I’m glad yours is still working.


No, so far they haven’t said anything to me.


Baby with bow (well close enough… :laughing: )


Who is THAT? She’s adorable!


Baby with a bear and a bow.


Pink headband, rooted hair, awake and a teddy bear (Faith Clymer)