Baby Shower Boxes by Sunset Cradles

Hi all! Just wanted to share a really neat shop on Etsy that sells Baby shower boxes if any of you are interested! I purchased one and loved it so much that I bought a second for my daughter! Seller is very friendly and has great communication. I thought it was such a fun idea that I thought I would pass it along to everyone. I was very impressed with my box and I know you all will be too! Here are photos of my box opening. Everything was packaged so nicely and it was fun to open everything. It really IS a baby shower in a box. Shop is Sunset Cradles


So cute!

How cute these are! :smiley:

This is a great way to unload baby stuff you have collecting in that secret baby closet or drawers, or under your bed (cmon we all do it, it’s too darn much fun collecting all that cuteness).


That’s so cute