Baby shark


I’ve been learning to crochet and made this for my granddaughter.


Great job, definitely not a beginners project!


Love it!!


That’s so cute. Has she seen it yet?


That’s so cute. She’ll love it. Has she seen it yet?


Thank you. No, I will see her tomorrow and give it to her then. I just finished it this morning.




So cute!
Got the baby shark song stuck in my head now, though, haha.


If you mean you have just recently learned to crochet, you are doing an excellent job! I have been crocheting for many, many years, but I don’t think I could ever make a toy like that that would look nice.


Awe. Thank you. I find patterns that have video tutorials to go along with them.


I have tons of them saved. :slight_smile: I do like those. But for most of the years, those kind of tutorials were not available. :slight_smile: Anyway, you should be very proud of yourself.


That’s adorable!