Baby Scents!

What is wrong with Bountiful Baby item #3659 - baby scent wonder wafers?
Here is a link: … =false&c=1

Hey map (sorry, I don’t know your real name)

I have some wafers I can sell you. PM me.


Map -

Did you get your bottle from Doll Dreams? If not, pm me and I can sell you the one I have.

That place you mentioned has the oil. Not trying to compete with BB, I happen to shop with BB for all of my needs, just wanted to make mention that the oil has been available all along.
I am going to try the wafers. I think I like that idea better than using oil because I am always worried the oil might stain something. Some of those pricy outfits and such.

I really like the ones that Gina has. She told me about them a long time ago and I ordered some. They can be cut and put into the diaper with a nice baby scent [not over-whelming] and last for a long time. They can be taken out with no problem if the person is allergic to the scents. Just so you know.

I bought a bottle of the oil, over a year ago. If you’re going to buy it, buy the small one as it will last forever. I just put a drop on a cotton ball and tuck it inside the diaper. One drop goes a lonnnng way!

I like the wafers…didn’t know BB had them!

If your wanting to safe money on scents (Baby Powder) go to your local Hobby Lobby . They have a Baby Powder fragrance oil called “Something Fabulous”, it says for bath products, potpourri diffusers, a fragrance for soap. I found it in the candle making section. The little bottle comes in 1/2 fl. oz. and smells wonderful, like a nursery or newborn baby does. I use to add it to the baby fat pellets seal for a week or so and use those in a little decorative bag, makes the boxes you put your babies in to ship smell wonderful note: I do not use this to put [inside the babies]; however, you can also put it on a cotton ball for the diapers. It goes a long long way and is only $2.98. I think this is what the wafers contain like a drop or two on paper that absorbs , like ink blotter paper/heavy water color paper , etc. Keep in an air tight bag until ready to use. Just refresh using an eye-dropper and a drop of oil. Hope this idea helps some of you…