Baby sale in NC


Anyone here live in NC near Raleigh. My daughter is stationed near there and has a lot of brand new baby items listed on offer up. Her best friend was expecting so my daughter went a little crazy on buying stuff for her. Unfortunately she lost her little one. So my daughter is now selling the baby items she got her. I just wanted to post the link. As there are lots of pacifiers, pampers and swaddles. I think there is even a boppy.


I’m sorry to hear that your daughter’s friend lost her little one. :frowning:


Ty @TrinityCrystal


That’s a lot of good stuff. She should keep it. Hopefully there will be another baby in the future. :confused:


I know. I thought so too. But my daughter travels alot with her job and lives in barracks. She doesn’t feel comfortable leaving all of it there. She never told the expecting mom she bought it for her, bc by the time my daughter had made it back to her permanent duty station she had lost the baby already. She was a about 2 months along and my daughter started buying stuff as soon as her friend told her she was pregnant. She doesn’t want to tell her now, bc her friend dealt with it really hard and made some extreme life changes. Sooo she really doesnt want to bring it up.