Baby pageant request

Ok I hear you all. I will try to do this but you will have to bear with me! I do not work full time right now but january is crazy for me I have 2 ISC classes to take and they are doozies. Hubby is taking them with me so maybe he can absorb what I don’t. They are Adam/Fema classes. these are basically if/when a huge disaster natural or man made happens what will we do, how will we get help for our area. I was a CERT member before funding was lost and so on. So these are a pretty big deal.
I have said I need help with making the certificates and if someone knows of a website that could help I would be glad to research and bug someone till they helped me. I will have to figure out how to do the pictures so everyone can vote also but surely I can find that out!
I just want to make clear no one will be singled out and everyone will vote. I am aware there were issues and I have had my feeling hurt terribly before. I almost quit reborning because of this.
We will need to have advanced category and newbie. I will let you decide which you are since I am still just barely one year in.

Let’s start with a Valentines Day pageant for February. This could be red outfits or what ever you envision is Valentines Days to you. It does not have to be a newly just finished baby. The pictures should be to me by Feb 1 and I will try to have them up by Feb 2 and then we can vote until Feb 13 and the winner can be announced on Valentines day.

If this goes well we can do monthly ones. Once I get the hang of things it will go more smoothly. I may be screaming for help from some people but let’s try this. If you have any suggestions let me know!

I need to get BUSY!

Thank you we will see how this goes.

Thank you! Now we need to get people thinking of their pictures.

Sounds great but I need to get a baby finished! I wish I knew what stage I was at too. I’m past beginner but not sure about advanced…but I’ve sold most of the dolls that were better than some I kept if that makes sense! Plus posted photos of them at some point before…does that matter? Maybe intermediate? AARG!!! I’ll send some photos of other dolls to Deb and she can tell me what stage I’m at!

Actually it wont matter with this one. We are just goign to be playing with the babies.

I just wanted to remind every one the deadline for Valentines Day pictures is coming up this week. I will hopefully not have such a bad week this week and be here more.

Ill try to get!

I will try to get my pictures taken Tuesday. I have a friend whose sister died Friday and her visitation is Monday night and funeral Tuesday. I have been crazy busy with the new job and up almost all night Friday night on my 24 hour shift, I was in the shower Saturday morning, trying to get clean and shampooed before I sat in class all day, there was a banging on the door, we had another run! So soap in my hair and hurriedly dressed I ran again. I finally got to finish rinsing my hair and body at 1800 after I got home. My crazy life! I bought some back ground props once class was out today and I passed the test! I am praying for some sunshine and no more cloudy yucky days or mine will all be with flashes. Oh well I love my baby I got done in time for Valentine’s Day!

Yikes, I forgot all about this! How I don’t know. Scrambling to find thinking cap! And a doll! And something red…preferably not blood from rooting needles… Hoping I can get a photo in!

Editing this since my thinking cap just hit a roadblock. Are these photos of the doll as in closeups of rooting and nails or just one photo of a doll doing something that makes us think of Valentine’s day? I don’t remember how the old contests went so that didn’t help. Wasn’t sure if it needed also to be a doll no one recognized so there weren’t any problems with that. Which means I don’t know if I have one to enter unless I really work to get one done! Help!!!

This one is just what Valentines day means to you. Not about rooting of nails of anything this time. Just enjoy Valentines day. I have to take my pictures Wednesday dang this crazy schedule. I had to run to Jonesboro after work so it was literally dark when I got home, we have tornado warnings out tonight and last night I was at the funeral home until almost 2100.

Thanks for the info! I can do that one. I just didn’t have a new doll to show rooting, etc. I have an idea for a photo so I’ll try to do that this afternoon.

Just wondering, Does your entry have to be a BB sculpt

no it does not


bump a few more hours left

— Begin quote from “Handy Denise”

Just wondering, Does your entry have to be a BB sculpt

— End quote

I don’t think it even has to be a reborn. You can use a Barbie or Raggedy Ann…it is the “theme” that matters. Not about the “baby” like previous pageants.