Baby on reborns that has a sign

I guess Dave has not seen this one yet. Now I don’t see what is wrong with photos like this with a sign. It does NOT clutter up the site.
Interesting she opened the eyes BTW.


Well done. I sometimes put a pacifier clip with my name (beads), never had trouble.

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Now see I would disagree with that :rofl: but that’s only cause it’s not my style and I do see it distracting from the baby as it is the first thing I see

I can see how if done more subtle it would be a great idea. I have letters to put on my wall for my nursery but I don’t think I’d always be able to fit them in my pic like that. I’ve seen those cute little letter boards used and that looks nice

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When listing a doll, this is posted:

Do not upload watermarked, logo/branded, or images with text on them. They will be removed.

So the sign can stay until Dave sees it or someone reports it and draws his attention to it. It won’t even lot me post a doll in a frame as my first picture.

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I have to agree with Kelly on this one. This seems to be competing with the doll in the photo. Something soft and subtle in the background would be perfectly fine… until Dave sees it. :sweat_smile:

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I agree a pillow or one of those little letter board frames would be nicer but I still do not see that it “clutters up” the board to have something in one’s photos. Lord knows we need all the help we can get against those stealing photos of babies.


Yeah, what is the difference between having a sign and using any other photo props in picture? I don’t get it.


Dave just being Dave :thinking:

All I can think about is that he is afraid that people will see the nursery name and seek the nursery out on their own. Aka, artists are advertising their own nursery when he wants everything to go through his website.

I still think it’s a stupid reason, though. With how many pictures get stolen by scammers, that website is a goldmine of pictures without any watermarks or names on it. He should at least offer a general watermark or something that can be placed over your own pictures for safety.


Fact is it seems most sales on Reborns come from artists advertising for him. Without the word of mouth his tacky looking website would look like a scammer site. Imo.


Ding, ding, ding. :sweat_smile:

I doubt he would do this either. He wouldn’t want it to look like he is responsible for whatever dolls are there.


It is super irritating cause I’m noticing my dolls getting ZERO views when they are featured like I paid to feature them

I’m resorting to trying to marketing myself on TikTok and Instagram

It’s not going that well :rofl::rofl::rofl:

But views are views and slowly but surely I guess I’ll get the followers if I can keep up with posting. It’s kinda boring when people don’t interact :pleading_face:


I don’t know if it will help but my daughter (and granddaughter) is an influencer on Instagram, her and lots of other influencers are members of engagement groups which basically means everyone in the group has to like & comment on any image you post and in return you have to do the same on their posts.

You could start up your own engagement group as I’m sure their are other artists that would like more engagement on Instagram … Just an idea x


I have never heard of that. Interesting.

I follow lots of artists whose work I like, also a lot of collectors. I show interest in what they post, so I’m thinking their followers click my comments sometimes and begin to follow me.

I post a lot of WIP pics. Those get a lot of saves and follows. People like seeing hair in progress, close details. One that people especially liked was a collage with a real baby’s nails and one I painted. I routinely get followers from posting my box packings. They aren’t fancy, but people like them.

If you don’t have a pro account, get one. You will see insights on how people are responding to what. When you get a decent amount of followers, start asking questions. Boy or girl? I asked if I should paint my 10th Laura. Of course they said yes. :smile:

My sales are pretty steady for now, thankfully. But very few just comes from people seeing the doll on reborns. Most sales come from IG, I just do listing for the convenience of my customers and to showcase my work.


I’m not sure that’s going to do anything to help lol lots of people liking stuff so I will like thier stuff doesnt mean they will be authentically interacting etc. just raises my numbers to make it look like I have followers but in reality it’s bunch of ignorers lol. Might be a plus if I was trying to be an influencer or get sent stuff free for advertising for others etc but I don’t see how it would help me sell any baby’s. I follow tons of artists and people with content that I like

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Instagram doesn’t show your posts to all your followers, apparently it only shows your post initially to 10% of your followers, the more engagement you get the more your post gets shown.

Your right it won’t give you more followers, the only way to do that is to share your page a lot in reborn groups or to loop (not sure there is a reborn loop though).

I personally prefer Facebook.


Yes I’ve been using my credits every day to feature a doll and I often get barely many clicks. It usually doesn’t take this long for me but I suppose sales have been slow :sweat_smile: I’ve reduced their prices more than I’d like to also…

I buy off of reborns the most becuase I know some very good artists who post on there. Anymore Ebay has been sketchy and I will only bid on dolls that I know for sure are legit. I don’t understand this rule, though. Having a Nursery name in your photo helps prevent people stealing photos and credit on dolls they did not make. You would think it would be encouraged.

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