Baby number 3 what do you think?

Okay here is my third baby. Honest critics welcome, you can send them in a PM if you don’t want to publicly post them. Oh and I know the lighting isn’t great I took them inside, but you can see the coloring compaired to my hand in the one picture. Thanks for looking

It’s lovely. You have done a really great job. I’m just doing my third too…

He is cute. You did a nice job. I said he because he looks like a boy to me, but if you want a girl I am sure he would be an adorable she as well.

Good job! Aren’t you just thrilled with her?


Awww he is a cutie!! You did a great job! I really love those eyes that you used!!

you have done a great job…andonly your third…
very cute

He’s a cutie! I love the eyes you used.

Thanks so much everyone I love the eyes too I used Aristique brand eyes. And I’m glad so many of you saw boy as that is what I decided last night too

Very sweet - I love the soft look of the nails. Such a soleful face.


Looks like you’re doing a really great job! I’m working on my third too and I love the nails and the ears… both things I need to work on. The veins do look a little dark on the feet and hands… that’s an issue I’ve been having too but I’ve noticed whenever I show my dolls to people that’s the first thing they talk about and love… so maybe I’m just being too picky.

Cute baby and great job. I agree, boy!

very cute baby, I love the eyes also, where did you order them from, if its ok to ask,