Baby needs fixing


Have just received my new baby she shiny and too red. can it be fixed


Air dry sealer


Was she painted with air dry paints?


Regardless of whether she was painted with Genesis or not, you can go over her with air dry.
If Genesis, the RebornFX paints will stick fine. It is recommended to prime first but for one layer touch ups I have had no issues. If using artist acrylics like Golden or Liquitex, if you just add some fluid matte medium to the paint it will stick fine. When done you can varnish with the RebornFX Ultra Matte air dry varnish. It sticks well to Genesis. Other air dry varnishes will work too but you will need to add some matting powder or cornstarch to them to make them more matte.

Lastly, if you are unsure of what you are doing, either return the doll or send it out to someone who knows how to fix it.


Do a green wash. It will tone down the red. Then mix matte varnish with some odorless thinners and apply an even coat. Heat set twice. Should be less red and no shine. Might need to do a couple coats of each.


Can we see a picture? Does she have rooted hair and lashes? If so, you have to be careful with baking. A mint green wash will tone down the red. If you want her very matte use this formula. It works great.

20 drops distilled water
1/4 teaspoon cornstarch
1 level plastic teaspoon Americans Soft Touch Varnish (can be used over Genesis)
Dissolve cornstarch in water, then add Soft Touch Varnish. Mix very well. Apply thinly with a soft brush, in small areas, then blot or pounce it with a dry cosmetic sponge.

I did not make up this recipe. I’m just passing it along. I love it and use it all the time.


Here you can read more about my method I developed using the corn starch.


will try get photos tomorrow as ones I received from artist didn’t show redness. she has rooted hair but I think lashes are glued on
.don’t like the idea of baking her myself


not sure what paints were used and after stressful conversation on fb I am no longer in contact with artist. photos are not real good . the lighter photo is with flash, the other is without does not show red and shiny like in real life but may give you some perspective. real life she looks sunburned/overheated


A mint green wash will tone down the red quite a bit. I’d use air dry paint to neutralize it so you don’t have to bake it. I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body paints and seal with Americana Soft Touch Varnish. If you’re not a reborner yourself you probably don’t want to pay a lot for a tube of paint you’re never going to use again.


That kind of sheen looks like it comes from an air dry sealer. She may well be painted with air dry paints. Air dry sealer that does not dry to a matte finish will make blushing/reds look even more vibrant too.

I am not overly fond of mint green washes. Though they do tone red, they can sometimes give the skin tone a deadened look. I have a skin tone color here that is a Baby Flesh color that works pretty well to break up too much red when applied lightly with a plucked wedge or porous sponge.

If you do decide to do a mint green wash be mindful that you may need to go over it with another color to warm it back up.


I use air dry sealer and my babies are never that shiny. Maybe how it’s applied makes a difference.


It has to do with the brand of sealer. I have seen several brands that are that shiny. You also mentioned above you are using my recipe for adding corn starch to make your sealer more matte. I always have to add matting agents to air dry sealers to get them matte enough to pass my eye.


I do it both ways. Some of the kits I’ve gotten have had shiny vinyl. On those I use the cornstarch. I don’t pounce my sealers, either. I apply them thinly with a brush, in small sections, and lightly go over them with a dry brush. It leaves a very nice, soft matte finish.


thanks for the replies I am so overwhelmed and confused. am not confident enough to try fix her myself as I am restricted with the use of my hands hence why she was sent away in the first place.


Am I understanding you to say you sent her to someone to be fixed? I hope you are able to make her good.


no I sent her as a blank kit to someone to be reborned.


Gotcha. So what are you going to do now?


got a lot on at moment so not doing anything just yet. not sure if I could cope with baby being away again or trust anyone to do good job. still devastated about first outcome


I do not typically do repairs any more but in your case if you want to take her apart and send her head and limbs to me to work on I will see what I can do. It would be hard to say what my fees would be other than shipping back the doll and something to cover my time and supplies but I would tell you before I started on her once I received her what I thought. Just looking at her, I am thinking I could prime over her shiny varnish, tone down the reds some and revarnish her with a more matte air dry varnish. Air dry matte varnish will never be as totally matte as Genesis matte varnish but it would be a lot better than she is now.
My babies’ finish looks nothing like this.

Here is a link to some of my babies for reference: