Baby needs a name!

My newest little angel needs a name so I can get her auction ready. She really has me stumped. Any suggestions??

She is sweet…how about Shaelyn?

Precious little one! She reminds of me of a Shannon.

She is precious! How about Emma

How about Anna Marie? DEE

I agree she looks like a Shannon.

how about Sonja

OOO! Great names! Thank you! I love the ideas when I can’t for the life of me see a name for her. It helps to start the motor going again!

i see a lizzie,and a cute one at that…

Oh, I thought Lizzy, too, but that is my son’s ex girlfriends name, and I don’t think he’d appreciate that. I decided on Mackenzie.
I’ll put her auction link up tonight…just finishing up her pictures.

She is darling!! I think the name Mackenzie really goes well with her!