Baby name help

I am working on two Asian babies and they need names. Fei Yen will go for sale but Jai-Li Bos will be MINE :slight_smile: I want them to have traditional Chinese names. Also does any one know where I can purchase Chinese baby clothes reasonable or fabric?

And I need a name to go with Claire. Claire can be the first or middle name.

What the heck…while you’re at it, :wink: I need a good Christmas-y name too. Boy and girl names please.

All suggestions welcome!


I knew chinese twins named ‘Pin pin’ and ‘An An’ because ‘Pin An’ means peace. Thought that was cute.

Mei is a pretty chinese name.

Yun Yun is popular as well.

Ming Ming

My chinese name is ‘Zi Yue’ but my nickname is ‘Yue Yue’

Although, to be honest I’m not too familiar with chinese names. I’m born and raised in America, so…:laughing:


We have a friend whose wife’s name is Ching-Hua prounounced Zhing-Wa. Friends and family call her Ching-Ching.


I’m no help. I know a Chinese couple and I can’t pronounce the wife’s name after 15 years, and the husband goes by “Jeff”…that I can say. :wink:


The main character from my favorite (one of them anyway!) book is named Snow Flower. Lisa See is the author and is a very great Chinese historian. Anyway, that’s a beautiful name. :0)


I loooooove names!!!

Christmas names: Noel, Holly, and Nikolas.

For Claire:

Claire Elizabeth, Claire Noel, Claire Taylor :wink: Bianca Claire, Ivy Claire, or maybe Claire Reńee or Reńee Claire.

As far as Asian names: Yuki, Yuri, Yuna, and Amaya (means night rain I believe).

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Snow Flower does sound pretty!


I knew Chinese girl called Mei Yu and she told me the Mei means flower or blossom, and I forget what the Yu meant. :smile:


I’ve been thinking Ivy Claire too. :grinning:

Had not thought about Holly.

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Snow Flower is a pretty name. I think Mei is beautiful.

Izzy how do you pronounce your Chinese name?

Zi doesn’t really exist in english…it’s kinda hard to explain but Yue would be kinda like Ywe (short e). Maybe if you go on one of those translators it would give you a better idea. :slight_smile:

Oh but I love it!

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