Baby Moulding and Kit Production


Hi everyone, I have wanted to start sculpting my own Reborn Babies that will then be made into vinyl doll kits so that I can paint and make my own vinyl dolls. I wanted to ask for some advice on how I can get these dolls that have been hand sculpted with clay to vinyl doll kits that I can paint, bake and assemble like a regular doll kit that for example: Bountiful Baby would’ve made. Is there a factory or company that can take one of my dolls, create a mould for the sculpt and produce vinyl kits?

Thanks, Forest Reborns


I sent an email to Bountiful baby asking whether they could produce my clay sculpt into a vinyl kit.
This is what they replied:

If you wish for your sculpt to become a Bountiful Baby kit, you can send photos of your sculpt with that request to:

We will then submit your photos to our Review Board. All sculpts must pass the Review Board to be made into a vinyl kit.

Thank you for your interest,
Bountiful Baby

So this is what I will do, once I’ve finished sculpting, I’ll send pictures of the sculpt to bountiful baby to be checked, then I’ll take it from there. I hope this helps!


There are several factories that could do this, some kits are made in the US, some in China and some in Germany. Probably other countries too.
I’d look around for factories that make molds and pour vinyl.


Ok, thank you :heart:


Keep us posted on what you find out. I’m interested in this also.


They make in factory with technology involved . You can by different materials on smooth .
I don’t know about vinyl but for sure you can make resin and silicone .

Sculpt , make the mold and pour .


I know absolutely nothing about 3D printers, but would it be possible to have a kit made from a sculpt using a 3D printer? Probably a dumb idea, but that was the first thing that came to my mind lol.


I think 3d printers usually print in plastic?
You’d definitely also need a 3d scanner then, to scan the clay sculpture.


A plastic model might work for making the mold without ruining the original sculot. It’s hard to do it yourself. I’d like to know what it costs to have it done for you.


Who manufactures kits in USA? I though they are all made in China or Europe.


I don’t know anything about this but I do know it costs a LOT of money to have a clay doll made into a vinyl. Others have done it so ask around maybe someone can help. If you belong to any other forums or facebook ask there also.


Aren’t BBs made in the US? Or are they in China too?
If they are, I apologize for the misinformation. I thought I read they were USA made.


BB has all the kits made in China; that is why they can be so much cheaper than the European ones.


Actually BB has said they use factories in China and in Germany to make their kits.


OK, I never heard that their kits are made in Germany. Is that something that happened recently?


Check out this thread


And that was 6 years ago. :slight_smile:


Thank you


I could try making a silicone mould and make a silicone baby from the sculpt rather than vinyl, I haven’t started to work on a baby with clay yet but I was interested in making kits that I could then paint and bake to make into vinyl dolls using my own sculpt, I could attempt to make a silicone doll though, I’ll see how it goes. Thanks for the advice - Forest Reborns


All the LDC kits are made in Germany, I believe Adrie Stoete’s kits are German as well, as are some others.
Probably why they are more expensive, too.


i thought we were talking about American sculpts being manufactured. I said “as far as I know, nobody manufactures kits in USA”. Adrie Stoete is Dutch and has her kits made by German manufacturer. LDC kits are manufactured by Puppen-Traumland from Germany. Although, I was once told by one of the German manufactures that their factories are in Eastern Europe.

I did not know that BB has also used European factories, but that would explain why their kits are not as cheap as they once were. I expect China is now also hiking their prices.