Baby matched to Kit

Well, this was done accidentally but looks like little Marissa is a match! This is my baby pic from a few years ago. I did my best to pose Marissa the same way. :grinning:


What a cute match, a portrait baby of yourself, how super!!

Awesome! What a good match.

LOVE IT!!! You totally nailed the hair!!!

I’d say that is really close!!

I’m leaning that way, Danielle. Maybe have her be my advertisement baby. :wink:


LOL!! You’re funny! Thanks so much for your kind words. :sunflower:

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Oh Amy! That is fantabulous!!! Yes I think you must keep her…that is amazing!

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Thank you, Mandy!

Very good match Amy!! Yes shes a keeper!

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Very nice!! So sweet

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Wow, she is a good match for your picture. Definitely a keeper.

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Thank you, @Deb, @katieperry & @otterbaby2! :blush:

Wow! What would be the chances of that happening. It was meant to be a keeper for sure. You do such a great job on your babies. :+1::heartbeat:

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Thank you, Corinne! Yes, it’s crazy (in a good way)!