Baby match up


Which kit looks like this baby, please ?


Finley Koplin? Maybe. He has 3/4 arms


Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s a great match!


OK, I have two more babies that need matches… Are y’all gonna charge for this eventually? You are so good at it. I’ll post just one now. This baby looks like a doll herself.


Lisa by Linda Scherer?

Jolan by Didy Jacobson?


They are both really close. Thank you :slight_smile: Think there are any BB ones? I will look too…BB doesn’t have so many to go through. Thank You so much.
Next one’s coming…


Maybe Kimber? (only 2nds in stock right now)


Maybe Kylin Tuzio-Ross?


Stephanie by Didy Jacobsen is a really close match if you file down the teeth. She’s pretty much sold out but MacPherson’s still has her. Lidy by Didy Jacobsen is also a really good match. She’s on sale at Irresistables.


The first pic looks like Joshua Schenk to me. I also saw a little Ellis Auer.
Here’s Joshua


Thanks ladies…will let the mom’s decide :slight_smile:


Do y’all know which kit this is? Her chubby little face reminded me of the baby.


Supposedly a BB kit but I don’t recognize it.


That’s BB Nod girl.



It’s Bountiful Baby’s Nod girl.