Baby Liam - CASA baby for foster child


Just precious, and such a lovely gift for a child, that’s wonderful :purple_heart:


I posted baby Liam on Reborns in my nursery just to add him to ‘portfolio’ of my babies as adopted, which technically he is :blush:.


So nice! Love your presentations!


I do the same thing. I sell my babies sometimes through my Facebook account but I add them to my nursery as adopted so buyers can see a fuller body of work by me. Your Liam is a beautiful addition to your nursery :heart_eyes:


I didn’t think of the creating a bond of trust part before but I can see that. It would help to make a friendship start for the person handing the doll to the child. Great thought Tessa.


He’s perfect!! I love him!


@Tessa Tessa, are you going to be home upcoming week? I was ready to mail him last week, but since I didn’t hear from you I didn’t pack him yet. I can pack him tonight after work or any day after that.


Yes. I will be home until June 9th. I won’t be home the 9th-11th but my daughter will be here keeping an eye on my dog so it will still be ok to send even then.
I really only leave my house to go to the dr lol.

I also bought some canvas bags from Hobby Lobby to use as diaper bags for the babies. I’m going to fix them up a bit but they were super cheap and I couldnt pass them up. I may try to dye one to see what happens. They were only $3.49 and I’m sure I could have used a coupon on them but I didn’t try.


They are perfect! That way they can throw all of the clothes and the baby in there quick. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.


@Tessa OK, I’ll send you a tracking number when he will be on the way.


Thank you!


@YelenaRey What are you sending with the baby? A paci, onsie, diaper, blanket, socks mittens, hat and sleeper?


Yes, exactly: a paci, 2 onesies, 1 diaper (since Tessa said she has diapers), light blanket, socks, hat, sleeper, pants, light jacket and a soft toy.


OK thanks, my magnifying light came in today so I can get back to finishing her.


@Anne I can’t wait to see her!


I can’t wait to see the babies you guys have created for CASA. I was supposed to meet someone to pick up a doll yesterday, but I ended up cancelling my dr appointment and couldn’t make it. I’ve been rebelling against my doctors and meds lately, and not doing what I’m supposed to. I’m just so exhausted with it all.
Anyways… that’s another discussion for a different post lol.

When I bring the dolls to the CASA office, I’d like to ask Mrs. Bonnie if I could included a card, and the kids could write a little thank you note or draw a picture for you guys. I could pick them up from the office and then be able to mail them to y’all. There are a lot of privacy rules and regulations, but I’d love for you guys to get something in return from the child who gets your doll. I’ll figure something out.
I can’t sleep tonight and my wheels are spinning. If only I could do everything I want to do, or everything I stay up all night thinking of doing. Lol.


@Tessa Card or drawn picture would be nice, but wouldn’t it be an additional pressure on a child who is already going through the turmoil if it will be requested from him/her? I think may be after a month or two and only on voluntary basis.


It will be an option and the volunteer can decide if the child would like to make one. My foster kids would have wrote you a full illustrated book. Lol.

We also use things as tools to ease the child during visits. Coloring a page while the volunteer talks to them can be helpful. But every child is different. I need to have a meeting with Mrs. Bonnie next week about how we will do everything. I know she’s excited of the idea as am I. :blush:

I have a definite 5 babies being donated, plus 2 from me. That’s 7 smiles we will be providing!! :heart:




I’ve got one for sure for you, and maybe another but i’m not entirely sure yet. I’m getting some second hand dolls to fix up and I think one might be perfect if I can get her fixed nicely. I’ll have pics posted of the 3 of them later tonight. And you can pm me for more details and stuff if you want. I just need a good sale and then I can send them on their way to you :slight_smile: