Baby Liam - CASA baby for foster child


It’s late but I couldn’t resist to snap a few pictures as it’s baby Liam’s birthday today.
He is going to @Tessa to be a CASA baby.
I weighted him lighter, just 3 lb, so he can be easily carried by a child. I remember that Tessa’s niece said that her Liam was too heavy and make her sweat :slight_smile: .
I want to do his proper photoshoot with a good light on a weekend, but for now here he is:

I know I messed up on his veins on the left temple, but I did them back in February which was my only second months of reborning. Other than that he is cute and lovely cheeky monkey, despite his hideose 3/4 non-gathered body. I know I wrote it before, but I really hope that BB will change that design.


Don’t know why the 3rd pic doesn’t load together


So cute!


Perfect I love him!


I am having trouble to upload files :frowning:


Just to think that some little child will love this baby and be comforted by it. :slight_smile:


Very nice work. He’s a cutie.


Oh my gosh! He’s so beautiful. I love the soft coloring. He’s going to make a kid very very happy. I am thinking about taking apart my daughters reborn to make her weigh about 3lbs because she struggles to carry her. She’s 6lbs 2oz right now.


I was just going to say I love the veining lol. Your a great artist!! Gorgeous!


Super cute!


@Pcrank56 @Anne @Jacelyn5440 @babymaw @AlyBrick @Vanniek @Mommarobin
Thank you, all my lovely RA who commented and who will comment later, for sharing this reborning journey with me and all your support! :hugs: :kissing_heart:


YW! I’m still rooting.


The child who gets this baby is going to be over the moon with joy. God bless you.


So wonderful of you to donate your baby. Also, I think his veining looks very realistic! Some little girl or boy is going to be so happy!


He’s adorable. And what a lovely thing to do to bring some happiness to a child :heart:


How adorable

I love donating

I’ve donated to foster kids, people who can’t have kids, friends/family, kids birthday presents etc


He is so precious :heart_eyes:


Me too lol, was thinking I might start pumping up my temple veins a bit more :grin:


He is absolutely perfect!!! I love him so much!! You are an amazing artist and person. I can’t express my thanks enough for donating this baby.
There is a little girl (or boy) out there who will get so much comfort, happiness and joy from this baby. Your donated baby is more than just a baby. It is a potential gift of love, friendship, and security for a child. It is also a gift for a CASA volunteer who will be able to give something special to their child and hopefully create a bond of trust. These babies are so so special. :heart:


Hes so cute!!! Great work