Baby Kyra and Morgan

Hi All,

Finally I have been able to get a pic on here to show some work from Oz. Please have a look and freely comment if you wish to.
Have a Lovely day.

Hugs Tarnee xxx


I am in Oz to and they are both beautiful


They are very nice. Kyra is a real cutie, and I love your Morgan with darker hair. Nice work

They are both darling! I love your Morgan.

I love both of them…congrats on two beautiful babies!

Oh they’re so sweet! Great job on them!

Both are just adorable. I’m liking Kyra sculpt more and more.

I love your Morgan. I want to reborn that kit so bad!

gorgeous babies

Beautiful Babies!


I love them both but…Morgan! Oh sweet sweet Morgan. I heart her. I have her but I’m so new I’m scared to work on the ones I love. I don’t want to mess them up. I’ll just drool over yours.

Hi All,

Thank you for all the lovely comments about the two babies, so very appreciated as I am new to reborning and this forum, I have learnt so much and there are many lovely ladies willing to help! I look forward to communicating some more with people who Love reborning just as much as I do.

Many Hugs from Tarnya xxx