Baby Kylee is sold!

Well after our kinda out there auction and no bids on Kylee last sun. we relisted her and while I was out doing a Pre-Natel visit yesterday I showed my client the auction -I about passed out when it came up that she had a bid !!!Kylee sold at 9;00 last night for 499 and the buyer has already paid -so Stef and I are over the moon with excitement!!!We are listing a Eden by A S after this and are haveing alot of fun creating the auction photo stories !!!

Thank you sooo much -we so very much love this art and bringing these dolls to life -we would like to thank all our BB friends who helped us learn all the special tricks of the trade -you all are awsome!!!

Congratualtions! Will be looking forward to seeing what you have created for this one Eden BY A.S in one of my favorites.

Congratulations!! That is wonderful news!!!