Baby just arrived BUT her head is smushed?!


What do I do? Will filling her head “fix” this? Will baking her “fix” this?? .


Baking should fix it, if not then stuffing it will


Thanks! I was wondering if I should warm it and then stuff it so when it cools it is cooling into the shape it should be :woman_shrugging:t2: Hope that makes sense


If it doesn’t resolve with just baking then you could definitely do that.


Baking or boiling it will fix it. If you heat it first it will be easier to paint.


I never bake , only use air dry, but if you fill it with hot tap water, let sit in the sink, and refill a few times, as it cools, will pop right out


Her forehead isn’t going to get completely smooth. It’s kind of lumpy. It’s the way it’s sculpted.


Yea … just heat the head and it should fix itself. Just make sure not to lay it down on its side while cooling


That is exactly what I did and it worked!


Fill the head with very hot almost boiling water and it will reshape.