Baby Jesse

Is anyone one else working on Jesse?
I have put several layers on her lost track of how many,but I am sure having trouble getting her to hold any color.
Wondering if anyone else is having this problem?


I had this issue with my Asher. Just keep going and the color will eventually start to show up.
He isn’t completely done yet,But here’s my Asher


He is really cute!

Thank you. The picture doesn’t show his color perfectly,But I think you get what I mean. It was hard to get him to keep the paint,but I kept going and he turned out okay
Your Jesse is looking good :slight_smile:

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I’ve been working on a Jesse also and felt like I was getting nowhere. I finally did a yellow ochre wash and it helped a lot. Are you planning to root yours? Her head is so big I’m thinking about a wig. Just not sure which one to get.

I did Jesse before Christmas, and I didn’t have any problems. I’ll include a picture to show you.


Your Jesse looks good to me.

@demonicchic12 Your Asher is turning out nicely. Good job.

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@otterbaby2 Thanks :slight_smile: I think his overall skintone is done,Just needs a few more layers on his lips and some shading and creases

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How darling!!

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Yes I am going to root her with red hair she is my keeper because I think she looks like my daughter.


You’re Jesse is beautiful hope mine turns out half as good.

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Thank you everyone for the positive post much appreciated :grinning::grinning::grinning:

@smcoddi Your Jesse will be just as beautiful. You’ll have to post the finished picture. I am glad that you found a match for your daughter. I fell in love with the Jesse sculpt when she came out.

Thank you , I’ll look for that one.

I think he’s looks great so far!!! Seems like some vinyls suck up the color and
it takes quite a few more layers for them!!!

I love the mouth on that kit! Yours is coming right along too!

I love this mouth also one of the biggest reasons I picked this
Kit,but I really am having trouble with it.
I have been complaining to my husband about lighting and he sure enough fixed that it is like a sauna in here now haha, but now I see every little thing I don’t think I will ever finish her.

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The red head at the bottom is who this baby is suppose to look like. I don’t have any pictures of them as baby’s or before this my house burned and we lost all material items came out blessed with each other.
Technically I could do this baby balled because I didn’t even know what color hair she would have till about three months.
Anyway these are my three biological children I have adopted three since then
My two oldest grandsons and my youngest granddaughter.

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@smcoddi, I’m no help with matching a kit but wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss but thankful it was limited to possessions. They certainly pale in comparison to your family. Your children are adorable.