Baby Georgia

A Big Hello to you All!

I just thought that I would like to share the Georgia Sculpt by Tina Kewy, I have named her Isabella. Take Care.
Hugs Tarnee xxx

she is a cute little peanut Not digging the white hair but she is cute.

She’s a cutie!

She’s very sweet!

so sweet and peaceful looking. She’s adorable!

She is beautiful! Skintone and hair match perfectly. My son had that white blonde hair too.

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for taking the time to look at Isabella, all comments are welcome, I’m here to learn as I am very new to this lovely art of Reborning.

Hugs Tarnya xxx

Tarnya she’s a sweetie, she looks like a little fairy baby with tht blond hair… good job!

She is such a delicate petit little thing. Very pretty.

She is precious!! I love that blonde hair!! Also, the dress is beautiful!

To me, this little one looks like an angelI’ve done twoboth with very blonde hair-----

Very nice