Baby Coplin Kit Question


Hey ladies…
I have a baby Coplin kit that I purchased off of Bountiful Baby some time ago and at the time, I didn’t get a body or eyes. I’m trying to find the body and eyes that I need for her, but I have no idea what item number I need. Can anyone help me out? I would really appreciate it a lot. Thanks so much.


Coplin was one of the triplets with Shyann - I would look to see what size body Shyann uses - the eyes should be the same too


I realize this is a VERY OLD post, but I’m curious about these triplets. I’m hoping an older member remembers the third of the Peterson triplets. I am familiar with Coplin, as I reborned him my first year, but I have no clue who the 3rd one was. I’ll tag BB if no response.:slightly_smiling_face:


@cajuncuties Here she is. They were discontinued long before I had started reborning but I remembered seeing her on the discontinued page


Oh! I remember her. Not the pretty one of the bunch.:wink:


It’s easy to see why Shyann has had longevity with this group.