"baby christmas"

This is little “Ruthie” a sculpt by Ruth Annette. She will be a Christmas present for a little 12 year old who is physically and mentally challenged~~~her life is centered around her present baby which she cares for very lovingly. She thinks she is getting baby items, but her surprise from Santa will be Ruthie. I think it makes me happiest to reborn a baby for a little girl.


Aw, so sweet. What a cute tiny baby. Wish I could see the girl’s face when she sees her new baby.

She is precious! I know the girl is going to be sooo tickled when she opens her new baby!

I gave one to a grand daughter for her BD in March and what she wants for Christmas is another one, but a boy this time. She takes the other one everywhere and sleeps with her every night. I knew she would get roughed up some, so she came back a few weeks ago for some “make-up” and some extra stuffing,LOL

Awww, she is very sweet!!

Beautiful baby.
I am glad you shared pictures of the finished baby with us.
You will make a young girl so happy.