Baby Avatar - please post yours


I’ll take initiative and open the topic for posting baby Avatars pictures after drooling seeing a few Avatars posted recently. I am so etching to buy one on Reborns right now, but probably want to paint my own.
So post your beautiful baby Avatars here!


The avatar babies are too adorable and I saw the Joseph Nb awake one on reborns right now. That artist does such an amazing job.


Yes, and she has boy and girl versions. :heart_eyes:


Isn’t that photograph of one of the silicones from babyclon or whatever the company is called? It’s very pretty.


@deedee2413 Yes, that baby is one of the silicones from the movie.


I dont think any Official trailer has been shown. I think some people made clips that showed the last movie clips and some silicone avatars… and merged them. Making people think it was from the new movie.

Also I think maybe they see the silicones and think “it must be for the movie”, even though we all know silicones and avatars are collectible art.


@jlesser If it’s confusing I can take movie part out of it. :slight_smile:


I saw that one too! I clicked on it a few times-couldn’t help myself! If I had the money…


Sorry it took a bit @YelenaRey but here they are. The boy (blue) was a custom for my daughter she chose everything. The girl is a Hybrid my keeper


Love them !!!


Thank you @marrabo I have 2 Clovers to go with them but don’t know how I’m going to paint them yet.


I only have the one right now my other one is still growing so will show the finished baby one before he grew his tail and one with .


Clover should be real fun !


Awe, I love him! That tail is perfect!


Thanks ! I would like to get it closer in color to the vinyl but somehow I don’t think I will because of the difference in materials .


@Anne :heart_eyes: Thank you! May I ask what did you use a clay to sculpt his nose?


@Anne Aww, Clover fairy would be perfect for Avatar. I with BB still produce them,


It is all paint, lol! Yes I wish they still sold them too. They were a favorite!


@marrabo Love him! Are those white spots can glow in the dark?


I didn’t think of that, good idea! Can’t wait to see yours! @YelenaRey