Baby Anxiety!


Welcome to the forum and reborning. Id be very excited to get a custom baby made for me.
Do you have a husband and children? If I didnt I might go baby crazy but they wouldnt like it and Id be embarrased.

Its fun to reborn but start with an inexpensive kit and go slowly.



Hi and welcome to the forum. Everyone here is very helpful. Have fun making your first reborn!


Hi! Welcome to BB. You’ll love it here! I can’t wait to see your dolly


Hi, welcome to the forum! This place is great and has a lot of really nice and helpful people. I recently reborned the Adrie Stoete Audrey as a custom. I like how he turned out. He’s a cutie!

Here’s some pics of him.


Hi and welcome to the forum!! There are a lot of nice ladies here that will be more than happy to help you out on your new adventure! Get ready to be hooked!! Reborns are very habit forming.


Sounds like your baby will be spoiled! Mine have more clothes than me!! You will love it here and everyone is so helpful whether you just have a question or a disaster…which can happen to anyone.

My spare room closet had so many babies waiting to be born, but this reborning is such a enjoyable endeavor So sit back and enjoy!!

Hugs, Teri


Hi welcome to the forum, I have some baby things, I found an english pram at a yard sale its so fun to pose the babies in. I was lucky enough to get my youngest daughters baby furniture since she’s all done.

Hugs Tina