Baby #2 and baby #3


As Jackie from Heart2Heart babies says, think of it like painting on a white piece of paper, the colors will be more vibrant and accurate.




Hey, I’m in SW Lousiana!


Hi Tessa, do you like your results with the white washing? I am curious to try it. Which tutorials mentioned that?


Yes, I do like my results. I have watched so many videos I can’t be 100% sure, but I think it was Jackie Ortiz and her wife Stephanie’s videos. They both start off with titanium white.


I do this “white” layer on all my light peach and orange kits. I add a touch of Yellow White in with it. It really does make a huge difference with neutralizing and staying more true to the colors you apply. Yannie Legler was really orange to me. I used several of this neutralizing layer on him and I didn’t get frustrated with the orange or peach color wanting to come back through after several layers like had happened in the past with other kits before I started doing this neutralizing layer.


Well your babies are gorgeous so it’s definitely working for you. :blush:


I have the quads, Ladybug, Cuddles, Cookie and Kitten. I have planned to do all them at the same time in order to get them to look like siblings! I have wondered how that will go for me. I guess time will tell as I have not planned to start them anytime soon. :slight_smile: I just thought they would be cute.


Cool! Are you around Calcasieu Parish? My sister lived in Lake Charles for a few years.


Thank you! I’ll try it on my new baby.


Let me know how it works for you.


Lake Charles is about 30 miles west of where I live. My son lives there. I live in the Jennings/Hathaway area.


I see. My brother-in-law lives in Opelousas, and another brother-in-law lives in Baton Rouge. Not me. I don’t want to live that close to the coast. :slight_smile: We did live in Biloxi, MS once when a hurricane came in. My husband was at Keesler AFB for training, and we were with him. He took us home to Vernon Parish, and went back. Then came back and got us later on. We lived literally right across the street from the beach. Surprisingly, our apartment did not even have any water or dampness in it. It was scary to me to think about being there.


Where do you live? Hurricane Katrina didn’t effect us but Rita did. We fled to Mississippi and when we came back it looked like a 3rd world country. We stood in line for water, traveled for gas and had no electricity for weeks.


I live in Bossier Parish now. We retired here in the 90’s. My husband was in the USAF. Our kids and grandkids are here, along with our great grandson. We don’t live in a town. We live in more rural area. We like it so far.


I see. I wish my grandkids were near me.
I’m glad to meet someone from Louisiana.