Babies not selling

I have two babies currently listed on both for almost 50 days now and neither has gotten any bites. I have Darren and Skya (both asleep and both bald) listed for $275 each, I’ve tried featuring them multiple times but neither is selling! Any tips on getting babies sold? Should I make and list another? Should I add hair to them? I need to get these babies sold!

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I would definitely paint hair on Darren as he has a big blue spot on his head. I also would recommend to work more on nostrils shading and file details. Adding eyelashes would help. Pricing babies accordingly your skills would help also.


Some babies take awhile to sell. I have 4 listed and have for soooo long (longest one right now has been 291 days.)
Others sell the same day


I agree with @YelenaRey. You need to price according to your skill. Newbies usually start pretty low. Here are some of my very first dolls. None of them sold for more than $275. These babies were all between $150 and $275.


I think you need to paint some hair and eyebrows (maybe your have them and I just can’t see them) and as Yelena said: work a little more on ‘fine’ details. Some babies take a while to sell. There are so many to pick from these days that customers can afford to be very selective. You’ll get there, keep working on it.


I don’t sell mine for more than $299 fully rooted anymore. Four years ago I sold from $350-450 and now I just sell at Christmas time and had to lower all my prices to get rid of them.
This one sold for $275

And this one didn’t sell at all:

So, times are tough when it comes to selling.


She’s on there by her name Olivia Marie.

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I think the prices are too high. For them both being bald and not having lashes or (visible) eyebrows and being boo boo babies, I’d say they’re too expensive.


Practice a little more. Start off low and work your way up as your skill increases.
The marketplace is pretty competitive right now. Some great artists are selling dolls that have rooted hair and more detail, for less. Don’t undervalue your work. Price as you think you deserve, but be reasonable. Try to check out what you can buy for that price. However, if the price works for both you and the buyer, then, more power to you.

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If a baby is listed that long you need to look at how many times it is getting looked at. If it is low then you might want to take the babies down and give them a spa day, re style, maybe root or change eye color…

(I have not seen the babies, I am just being general)

If you are getting a lot of looks but not bites you might want to do the same or maybe adjust your price and take the hit.

Have you compared these babies to other sculpts painted at your skill level, are you being competitive, in the ball park. lower, higher?


I’ve dropped both their prices by a good $100 and I’ll be adding painted hair to them, they both have rooted eyelashes they just didn’t show up on the pictures well.


Olivia (one of my favorite names :wink: ), may I suggest while you are working on them also to shade their nostrils for depth. I also think $50 shipping it’s too much for US. I think you priced them correctly now, so with some improvements they will definitely sell. Be patient.
Oh, and one more thing, I would remove info that Darren was used in a musical production. To buyers it might sound as doll was used. But it’s up to you.