B.b. Spain dolls

I just found 2 b.b. Spain dolls at a thrift store. They are about 25 inches long–really big babies! They have very complicated looking battery-operated mechanisms in their bodies, open-close eyes and holes in their mouths like for a bottle. I have 3 questions since I am a neophyte reborner. Can I use sculpy to close up the holes in the mouth. Can I replace the sleepy eyes with regular “real” eyes. And does anyone know what the mechanisms are for? I’m also going to make new doe suede bodies. Thanks to any and all who can help.

would love to see pics.
Have you tried putting in batteries and see what they do?
Have you pulled the head off and looked inside?
usually you can remove the eyes and replace them.

I forgot to sat I have filled in the mouth holes with sculpty.

Thanks so much for the reply! Started to take pics and camera battery died. I’ll recharge and send later today. Goodwill in our town has a Clearance Store where you buy by the pound at $1.00 per pound. Got these 2 cuties plus a like-new Steiff bear. Total cost $2.50. The bear sells for $150.00! And I hope I can do something with the dolls. I’ve taken one apart and removed the factory paint and filled the mouth hole. The eyes have the bulb type eye sockets that I will have to slit the back to remove the existing eyes. Guess I can try different sizes to see what fits best. Which brand or type of eye has the largest pupil. Some that I’ve ordered from Bountiful Baby seem to have a small pupil compared to the eyes I’m replacing.


The eyes that Linda sells on DD are designed to have a bigger iris and they are really pretty. Pricey, but worth it IMO. I like the designer line.

http://www.dolldreams.net/cart/index.ph … 472b3deba3

Here are pics I took of the b.b. Spain doll. I’ve shown the “box” that I removed from the other doll. Have you seen this before?

Hope this link works. I’m new to the Forum and not familiar with the tech side.

http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2 … 45d47e73b9

Thanks so much,

Linda that is sooo cool!
You hit the jackpot that day. It looks like a voice box you took out because of the holes in the thingy.

Cant wait to see what you can do with those dolls. Are their legs sewn on?

I love Stiefs and you got a huge bargain on that one.

We dont have those bargain places here in Ma. Boo Hoo.


You are right about the voice box but there are 2 other compartments that I’m not sure about. I think some of the wires are missing since I’ve not been able to get them to function with new batteries. Oh, well. The dolls are pretty cute without them. The limbs are sewn on and I don’t know the best way to deal with that. Any suggestions?

I’m designing a body for them since they are so big. Haven’t done this for dolls but I’ve done Artist Mohair Teddy Bears for years and it looks about the same. I’m also not that familiar with plastic doll joints since I used the locknut and hardboard discs for the bears. I’ve been looking for doe suede fabric but seems like it is no longer available so I’ll be experimenting!

Love the forum and I’m inspired and intimidated by all the talent represented.

Appreciate all the tips,

I was told you could either cut off the limbs leaving a couple of inches of material and sew the new body on hiding the old fabric carefully underneath.
Or you can make a channel with a dremel if the vinyl is thick enough and glue the new zip ties in the channel. Or you can glue zip ties on to the limbs to create a channel.
Or another idea that I dont care for is you cut the limbs just above the bend in the arms and legs and use that bend to hold on the zip ties.

BB sells the fabric and joints. I havent bought the fabric on BB but I do like the joints.
I had several yards of doll fabric a poly velour sort of that doesnt stretch or ravel and isnt bulky those are the important things that is running out. I dont know where you can buy them except on the web.
Another type of body that a few of us make is eyelet with lace and ribbon so the body looks like cute underwear. You could also use calico.

You might live near a fabric store that sells the doll fabric, Handcock fabrics?, I think they use to make bathrobes out of it.

I used to make mohair and other types of teddy bears too but havent in a while since my kids got older.

Glad to have met you a fellow crafter Im sure you will be great at reborning too.

Thanks for the tips! These babes have almost no neck–is there a way to make the neck longer?

And thanks for the warm welcome!


I dont think you need to worry about making their necks longer. real babies dont have much of a neck. I remember pulling their little chins up and taking out lint from the neck wrinkles. lol

Do their heads have channels usually they do so it easy to attach the head.

Ive got so many projects going on at once it keeps me out of trouble.
Right now I am reborning 3 kits and making bodies and making a leather american indian regalia doing all the beading myself. Im going to check out the bead store for jingle beads today.

Happy crafting,

Wow, you are busy! I just finished 3 paintings for a gallery showing and I have 3 mohair teds in various stages of completion. I’m also refinishing an antique doll cradle and smocking 2 doll dresses. Recently retired after almost 40 years in the Ad Agency business and enjoying my new freedom. I have 2 granddaughters–one 2 and one 3. They’re my inspiration (excuse) for playing with dolls.

Finished a doll body for b.b. Spain last night and that one goes in the trash. I did a 4-part body with seam down the front and don’t like it at all. The chest area is way too fat. If I reduce the stuffing, the head flops down. Maybe I should use the flat panel in front (like Secrist). What do you think?

Have a great day!

Linda I dont think anyone is busier than you

You can paint too? I am impressed with your various talents.

I saw this great old mohair coat at the S. army today but when I checked the label it said it was alpaca. See I was thinking of your mohair teddies.
but really the S. army and goodwill are great places to find good mohair.
Every summer they have a teddy bear picnic in Amherst, Ma and makers come from all over to sell bears. Its neat to see the different bears that people make.

I love smocking dresses too. I have my old patterns that I made for my 34yo daughter when she was young. I also have 2yo and 3 yo granddaughters, Raven and Camille. I made the 3yo a cloth doll for her birthday and her mom was so worried that it would get dirty or damaged I said go ahead and let her enjoy it if it wears out I can make another. I quess that baby has been everywhere.

Its neat to meet someone who likes to do things,

Well, the key phrase here is “work in progress.” I do enjoy putting a total package together and sometimes get ahead of myself with too many projects started. I haven’t done a bear show in about 3 years and don’t think I’ll invest the hundreds of dollars that it takes to exhibit since the economy is still weak. I’ve also done quite a bit of needle felt sculpting for little bears. The reborning seemed like a good way to combine different skills–painting, needle felting for the hair, designing the body, smocking the dress and making the mohair teddy bear. I may yell for help before I’m finished!

My granddaughters are wearing dresses that I smocked for their moms and my daughters are 38 and 29. It’s nice to them taken care of and cherished.

I live in South Carolina and just moved back after 16 years in Las Cruces, NM. A good “crafting” friend from N.M. is coming for a long weekend of crafting and, like you, she can do it all. Let the good times roll.

Have a great day!

Sounds like a great wkend have fun with your friend.

Its funny but I was also doing felted wool animals and dolls and making woven rugs before I discovered reborning.

I’d love to see some of your work!

I’m really stuck on finding a glue that will work on vinyl. I’m trying to glue ties to the limbs to make a channel so I can use the new jointed bodies. I haven’t found anything that works yet.

Any suggestion from anyone?

Thanks so much

Most people use E6000 to glue on vinyl and some use GEM-TAC by beacon to glue in the hair on the inside of the head.

I can send pics much easier on my kodak program to your real email addy. If you want you can send it to me in a pm.

Happy crafting

I used the E6000 but the tie popped off. Maybe I applied the glue too thick or too think? linda.hill47@yahoo.com

Thanks a bunch!!