Azalea by Laura Lee Eagles


My Azalea by Laura Lee Eagles
I absolutely adore her, And I hope you do as well
Thanks for taking the time to look!


She’s beautiful! How did you like painting her? I’m slowly working on mine. But she is practically painting herself. I love this kit way more than I thought I would :heart:


Thank you so much! She was really fun to paint, I really love her so much. She is even more fun to dress and pose- she’s such a great size. She poses so well!


Gorgeous baby!!!:two_hearts:


Another beauty, Katie!


She’s beautiful!


What size clothes do you have her in?


So very pretty!


Thank you everyone!! She is wearing size newborn! She fits them all the way, if she were a smidgenbigger she would not. She’s so precious I just love this doll


She’s gorgeous. Love the clothes!!


Awww. Katie, she is just the cat’s meow! So beautiful and precious.


She’s beautiful! I love the complexions your dolls have! As soon as school gets out I’m going to start on mine. She’ll be my first keeper!


What a sweetie!!!


She is beautiful!




She’s lovely!
Im still painting mine :wink:


She’s beautiful and you did a great job.




Thank you, so much.