Awesome finds

Found great condition cabbage patch dolls at thrift store and vintage baby clothes at an estate sale.


I love it! I bought my first cabbage patch about a year ago from a thrift shop and she is in great condition. Also bought a baldy preemie boy. I looooove the clothes!

Wonderful finds. I wish I could find some lovely vintage clothes

That’s a great find! Great prices. I am a cabbage patch collecter with about 100 cabbage patch dolls in my collection. Thanks for sharing.

Love the vintage clothing!

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Oh wow, that’s awesome! I was on the wait list when I was little but never got one. So I was so excited to find them!

Estate sales are great, especially now because that’s the generation that’s “my age group” clothes. Not like my kids think last years clothes are vintage. :joy:



Great find!

I restore cabbage patch kids. Those are both lovely. Congrats.


I’m so jealous of the clothes!

You hit the jackpot! Great deals!

There’s very small formula stains but I don’t care. Estate sales are great. I saw a 1 yr old birthday card from 1947. Just awesome!