Avs reveral


I do get most of my supplies from BB and they have always been great. But I ran out of thinning medium and I decided I wanted a 4oz jar. So, I looked and Doll so real were out. I looked on Irresistibles, they had some but it was 19.95. I thought oh well and added to cart. I go to pay with my bank card. Immediately I get a avs rejection money reversal. I double checked my info, all correct, rejected again and reversal. I messaged them and received no response. I went on to a better place and got my 4 oz medium. Just pissed that my card seems to be no good with Irresistibles. has anyone else had issue shopping on that site?


No, never any issues. I usually buy the big jars of paints and thinning mediums etc. from Jerryartarama


I have never had any issue with Irresistables. And always great customer service from Esther.


Not that I order from there often anymore, but back when there was an issue with my order, they went above and beyond to correct it. Excellent customer service.


That is exactly who I ordered my 4 oz from :slight_smile:


Very good to know because I know later I want to order a kit from them. That is why I was so disappointed.


I have only had trouble with one place and it was not irresistables it was a sculpters web site that I wont mention lol


I had the same issue, I used PayPal with the same account info and that worked. @Denise1988