Assembly Question


Hi there ladies! I have a question about assembling and weighting real quick. My artist, Vanessa who did my cooper twins, Matthew and Michael sent me instuctions on how to weight their belly parts on their cloth bodies. I like my babies nice and chubby. Here are some of the instructions:
Put polyfil at bottom about 3" full all around…
Then put in large stocking glass beads… right in middle…
Then around stocking put polyfil all around up to right below shoulders.
Then put heavy steel shot stocking in middle…
Then put polyfil rest of the way up to neck opening.
Attach head.

Ok so here is my first question. What part is 3" to on the body?


Everybody weighs differently, but I’d say just make a little ‘nest’ out of the polyfill, so the sacks of beads can’t be felt on the outside.


Ok thanks!


In other words, attach the arms and legs to the cloth body, then through the neck hole, put about three inches of stuffing in the body. That will probably cover the leg holes. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to pad the bottom of the sock holding the glass beads. I mix the steel shot and the glass beads for heavy babies. On dolls, I weigh them about half of the weight of a real baby.


Just make a little nest for the steel shot- so you don’t feel it from the outside :slight_smile:


Hi ladies, I just wanted to update you all. I’m feeling frustrated. I feel like I’m just not getting it right :frowning: it’s not any of you all’s fault. Ok let me explain what I’m trying to do. I like my babies nice and chubby. My reborn artist lady that I normally go has been able to find some older style BB bodies that are longer and wider for my babies. Here’s a picture of one of my babies she painted and assembled for me before. His name is Sebastian:

he’s the one on top being compared to the one on the bottom’s weight. Sebastian weighs 9 lbs, 1 oz. I’m trying to make my twins like that so they can fit into 6-9 months clothing. She’s said that the more polyfil I add the chubbier they’ll be. But my babies just don’t feel right. I don’t know what to do. I paid a lot for these babies and I want them to be done right. Their artist has switched over to silicone and isn’t doing vinyl dolls anymore.


Ok, you can’t make a newborn body fit 6-9 month clothes even if you weigh them heavier. You would need to use a larger body which might not look right with those limbs. I have made Kitten and Cozy into bigger babies. Basically I find that the newborn kits and bodies only fit some newborn clothes and some preemie ones so they aren’t the size of the newborns in most of my family. I wish there were more kits in a true three to six months size.

Back to your problem, which kits are your babies made from? Did you put weight in the arms, legs and head? That makes a big difference in how they feel in your arms. You didn’t mention it so I am wondering if she told you that.


Looks like Fei Yen and Libby?
Both 22 inch kits


BB has both of them using newborn bodies. No matter how much you stuff a newborn body, it won’t be bigger than maybe fitting 0-3 month clothes. If it is only heavier and plumper you want and not bigger, then add the steel shot and more glass sand in the limbs. Otherwise try seeing if you can get a bigger body. I will see if I can find any online… MacPherson offers a 24" body which might work better. Lol, or you just need a bigger baby!


@djjessie228, I am using bigger bodies. The bodies make them about 24 inches instead of 22. They’re older style from 2010 I think. They’re longer and wider. What I mean is I can’t stuff it like my artist can to get the right feel. I’m probably just going to send them back to their artist and have her fix them. Thanks ladies! :slight_smile:


The kits are Cooper by Jessica Schenk. Here’s a pic of them on my bed:

I named them, Matthew and Michael.


What about him doesn’t feel right? Is he too stiff, too floppy, is he heavier in some places than in other places?


It’s my cooper twins. What’s wrong is they feel stiff and heavy in some places than others. I can still feel their beads through the body and their heads are too floppy.


From the photos, the heads seem to be tilting back. Did you put your weighting bag towards the back of the head? If so, try changing it to the chin area. That way the heads won’t tilt so far back when you lie them down and will tilt slightly towards the chest instead. Pack it tight with poly before capping the neck.
The baby’s head will still fall back when picked up nut not as violently.

To achieve the heavier weight you can fill the limbs 80% instead of half, put 3 bags of fill in the torso like a snowman. Be aware that weighting heavy is harder on the joints and stitching. 9 lbs is heavy for a reborn 22".


Thanks! The bodies i’m using on them is supposed to make them 23.5-24 inches long.


Hi ladies! I just wanted update you. Matthew and Michael (my cooper twins) are now assembled correctly. They feel the way they should and their heads are not so floppy :slight_smile: I am a very happy reborn mommy! Here’s a picture of my twins:
Aren’t they cute?