Asking for prayers...please!




Praying for you and Christina


Praying for Christina and you whole family I know it must be hard.




Hang in there mom. Prayers for delivery from addiction.


Praying for Christina and strength for you and your family. I am a nurse in outpatient substance abuse and facilitate groups and provide case management with the Veteran population. It is a challenge but recovery is possible, it is a disease but very treatable. Be encouraged, God Bless !!!


Sending love and prayers to your daughter & your family. <3


So sorry you are going through this! It is a huge epidemic anymore.
Love and prayers to all of you.


Thank you so much everyone…I feel so blessed to read such heartfelt posts. :two_hearts:


Prayers and hugs to you and your family.


So sorry for what your Mama heart is going through! Give it to God, that’s not giving up. Refuse to be an enabler. There are Al-Anon meetings around the country that can give you local support and resources… prayers for Christina and your family.


How is your daughter doing?


I don’t know because she has cut me off from all communications since the beginning of this month, so I’m assuming not good. But thank you for checking in and prayers are still very welcome. :heart:


I hope it means she is finally doing the right thing, more Prayers for Christina and you!


Praying for you. People think parenting is only hard til they are grown. I’ve found find first 18 years is the easy part. It’s harder to be a parent to an adult child who you no longer have any control at all over. :confused:


Ty Anne and Katina :heart:


Prayers for sure… I have an adult son in addiction.