Asking for prayers...please!


My adult daughter is in very big trouble in her life with addiction…Please prayer warriors, Please pray for God to intervene now!! Her life is in ruins…HE is working now…Her name is Christina. Thank you so kindly!!


Praying for Christina, you and your family!


Prayers. :yellow_heart::heart::green_heart::gift_heart::purple_heart:


Prayers :pray:t2:




Sending prayers right now.


Praying that she will find her out of her addiction. May the Lord keep her safe and bless you for wanting to help her. :pray:t2:


I will pray for her and you so God will give you strength. My adult brother (who was saved and a Christian), got into the wrong crowd and had this problem. It finally took his life in 2008 (he was 28). My parents and my siblings always let him know we were there for him, but the more we pushed the more he pulled away from us. So we just prayed, and we found peace then and we find peace now that no matter what he was never alone and always had God and his family (and he always will).


Thank you all so much…I really appreciate the prayers. She isn’t saved. That concerns me more than anything. I can’t press her now. I couldn’t even finish a few sentences and she hung up on me…She was frantic. Praying is what I need to be doing because this is too big for me.


Praying for her and for you.




She knows you are there for her and she knows God is within you…it may not seem like much right now but believe me it is everything to her even if she does not show it. You are a wonderful mom to care so much about her. God is bigger than this and He will listen and intercede. Romans 8:26 - 28.


Praying God heals her of her addiction or help her to get the help that she needs.


Prayers for your Christina :heart:


Thank you…I can barely type this with the tears welled up…I’m in such an amazing group here. Praying God will bless you all for His glory…much love to all of you. :two_hearts:


Addiction is a terrible curse. God loves her, saved or not. I will pray for strength for you and healing for Christina.


Praying for your daughter, I will keep her in my prayers for a long while. God can.


Praying for your daughter to have the strength to overcome her addiction.


I grew up with a mother who drank and did drugs. If there is one thing I know its that you have to let them hit bottom. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want it. Keep praying for her. God is listening. And when it comes to addiction it often gets worse before it gets better. :heart:


Sending up prayers for your daughter during this difficult time in her life.