Ashley asleep


Yous guys, I finally was able to capture the perfect undertone! I am so much happier with this little dude, and after all the screwups last round, my corrections have been doubly noted.


Beginning to get the “blood” layer smoothed on and working the creases each time. I’m painting Ashley in this picture - using same color methods as Darren, albeit lighter.


Okay, need an honest critique before I proceed with blushing. Anything you see that I should fix now? I was planning on blushing, lips, and nails today if her tone looks right.


She looks good so far but I can’t see much detailing. I would do some more mottling and creases and darken her lips some. Maybe some blue undertones too. Good start definitely! She’s gonna be so pretty, I love this sculpt.


@MilosMeadows. Thank you so much! I’m afraid to do too much all at once and ruin the kit, and was debating adding more, so now I know it probably won’t hurt to do just a little more :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I definitely know what you mean! Definitely do more though, it’s scary at first but you’ll get a much more realistic look in the end :slight_smile: What kind of paints do you use?


@MilosMeadows I am using genesis heat set. I had issues with too much paint on my first doll (well, I thought so anyway) so I was going for the more delicate look hoping to not repeat my last mistakes :slightly_smiling_face:


I have something I think might help you, I will pm it to you :slight_smile: I use heat set also


A little more progress :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m not sure what she is missing (skin tone), but something still isn’t quite right. Help!



Really do need some feedback on this girl. I’m not sure about her coloring and whether it has everything needed. I did sponge a very translucent layer of yellow ochre over the kit, which helped make her a little more lifelike, but still not 100% sure if I have the final color right.


Hmmm it really depends on the complexion you’re going for. I think she looks gorgeous as is, but maybe a thin blue or purple wash might add to her depth?


Gorgeous! So much more lifelike. I agree with a thin lavender wash, it’ll help bring a bit more life to her but otherwise she looks excellent! Great job