Asher and realborn box

Realborns supposed to come in the new box like Presley. The price of the box included . Now I checked on him and $79,95 dose not come with the box and $89,95 comes with box ,body and glass beads…( good deal ) …but …interesting.
There was no note when I been ordering my Asher so hopefully comes with the box as been advertised earlyer.

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I ordered my Asher when they were first available and did not notice two different prices. Mine were $79.95 and I assumed the box was included. I hope I am right.

Nevin posted earlier this evening!

When shipping the box, some of our customers were being hit with a “Dimensional Weight” surcharge by the post office. Curiously enough, the surcharge does not come in to play if the package is heavy enough. It only comes into play for large packages that are also very light (low weight). If the package is heavy enough, the post office switches back to just charging for the weight, rather than charging for the dimensions of the package.
Our solution: eliminate the “free” box from the standard offering, but then offer it again as a separate item number, but add enough extra weight with it (the extra items) so that the surcharge does not come into play.
I know it sounds irrational. But that’s our post office for you.
Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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When I got home, I checked my mail and since I live in a townhome the mail is distributed at a designated area. In my mail box was a key for packages, so I did the happy dance figuring it was Asher. Well, I anxiously proceded to open the large mail box which held my kit and it wouldn’t open. If I would have had a blow torch with me I would have used it. Not a pretty site. After I cool I will try and catch the mail carrier tomorrow, minus a blow torch of course.

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Mine came with the box. He was the $79. Price. They used a new box that is smaller than the other ones I had ordered. I wasn’t charged for the box.

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Thank you Pia to copy Nevins note…somehow I missed it.
Ordering that amount of glass beads from Canada would really ad up the shipping cost however the price $89,95 including the body and beads would be good.

Have a good day all.


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