As an appreciation


I will soon be doing a drawing for a new w/ tags plush pooh bear with baby blanket just to say thank you to all of you ladies and this dolly forum…I’m thinking of doing it the week of the 12th!



That is so sweet of you Liz–thank you


Drawings are fun…what color crayons are we using?


Thats a great idea, how fun.


Well I suppose what color crayon you use depends on which ones you haven’t eaten yet!!

I will also be doing a drawing on DollFan for a hand crochet/knitted baby blanket in a week or two so keep you eyes open for that too!!



Awwww that is so sweet of you!


That’s so nice of you! Thank you!


You are too funny…I ate ALL the crayons silly.


OOhhh, that’s great! I love drawings! …the crayon kind, too!


Thank you, Liz! That’s very sweet of you!